Check us out on Beautiful news 24 – Sharks are my Passion

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Check us out on Beautiful news 24 – Sharks are my Passion

Daniele Parvan Diving with Black Tip Sharks

Sharks are my passion and I have a bursting desire to teach humans that they are not monsters.

We made the media.  Have a squizz at my video.  Hopefully my passion about Sharks will rub off on you!

Here is the link:

How my passion started

Sharks have always been my passion from as early as I can remember.  I am so glad that I now get to share it with you.  This video depicts how I feel about these magnificent animals.  Sharks became my passion while I was growing up in Umkomaas. I was introduced to the underwater World by Paul Wylie. My passion for Sharks grew enormously while completing my Shark Life Course.  Walter Bernardis, known to many as the Shark Whisperer, then took me under his wing.  He taught me how to become a Great Shark Guide. Of course naturally my passion increased daily as I have/had the privilege to swim and interact with these apex predators just about everyday.

Presence of Sharks on The Shoal

Having to get to dive in my hometown daily, I can honestly say that diving on the Aliwal Shoal is phenomenal. “The Shoal” is home to a large variety of  big Sharks. In the winter months vast amounts of the Ragged Tooth Sharks congregate on Aliwal Shoal to mate. In the summer months you get to see 3-5m majestic Tiger Sharks or Bull Sharks on the baited shark dives. And to the delight of any shark fanatic, you can dive with large groups of Oceanic Black Tip Sharks on any given day.

Come dive with me.  Come get to see what I see daily with these majestic animals.  You will be surprised and I guarantee I will change your mindset about Sharks.  Come share my passion. Blog by Daniele Marco Pavan.  Padi Diving Instructor: Aqua Wild Africa

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