PADI Open Water Course

PADI Open Water Course

Cost: R4 999.00 per person

The Open Water course is the FULL beginners course, leading to the most well-known, internationally accredited diving certification in the world. PADI is “The Professional Association of Diving Instructors”. The advantage of getting a PADI certification, is that your certification will be recognised everywhere. PADI holds 85% of the world market in diving certifications. However, the quality of your course will be as good as your instructor makes it! This course will teach you to dive with another qualified person. Once qualified, you will not need to be supervised by any dive professional. The certification is valid for life. The course includes all equipment, study materials and dives.

The Open Water Course has 3 Main Components

Diving Theory

This can be done by self-study at home, or as a series of lectures / workshops with us.. You will have a manual to read and a DVD to watch.

Pool session

It is important that you first learn to dive in a safe, predictable environment. Before we venture into the sea, you will spend 3–5 hours in the swimming pool, learning the skills and safety procedures for diving. We will not take you into the sea until we BOTH feel confident of your ability and safety. We will go at your pace, and if necessary break the session up into smaller sessions.

Open Water Dives

The course includes 4 dives in open water. These are usually done in the sea. The 4 open water dives are usually done over 2 days. You will dive to 12m on the first two dives, and to 18m on the second two dives. On completion of the PADI Open Water course you will receive a certification card, enabling you to dive anywhere in the world, to a maximum depth of 18m. Your life will never be the same!

Course Prerequisites:

The minimum age is 10 years old. You need to be in a good state of health.

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