Understanding Shark behaviour

Daniele Parvan Diving with Black Tip Sharks
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17th June 2017
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Understanding Shark behaviour

Deep Sea Shark Diving South Africa

There are 3 signs to look out for in an aggressive shark. Understand your shark’s behaviour.

1. The Shark Smile
No, it is not happy to see you. Showing of the teeth or mouthing is an indication from the shark that they can bite.

2. Arching of the back
This is a crystal clear indication of them saying I am irritated. Stay Away.

3. Lowering its pectoral fins
The shark stiffly holds its pectoral fins down. Again it is saying I am not happy.

Recognize aggressive behaviour. Sharks swimming slowly and smoothly are generally not a threat. They may approach divers but are just curious when they do so.

If a shark begins making sudden movements, swimming quickly or erratically, or if it shows signs of aggression or irritation like pointing its pectoral fins down, arching its back, pointing its head upwards, zig-zagging or charging – it may be considering an attack. When diving with sharks, always ensure that your dive instructor is both certified and well experienced!

Remember you are in their territory. Respect this. Stay safe divers.



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