Scuba Diving Courses in Durban

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to breath underwater? To dive with sharks and explore wrecks hidden below the ocean surface? Let Aqua Wild Africa take you on a scuba diving adventure you’ll never forget! We offer open water scuba diving, shark diving and sardine run diving adventure packages for the experienced scuba divers – as well as beginner diving courses for those looking to get into scuba diving for the first time.

Let the Diving Adventure Begin

Get wet and wild with Aqua Wild Africa and discover the beauty of the ocean first hand! We offer beginner to advanced PADI diving courses, open water diving adventures, shark diving, wreck diving, rescue diving, sardine run diving getaways and more!

Aqua Wild Africa Diver Training

Scuba Diving Courses

Introduce your children to the scuba diving world with our Bubblemaker Experience, or take one of our pool or open water Refresher Courses. Our many diving courses are PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) accredited.

Daniele Parvan Diving with Black Tip Sharks

Shark & Wreck Diving

Get up close and personal with sharks or explore stunning reefs and underwater wrecks on the Durban coastline with our many unique dives! Don’t let the sharks scare you though, you’ll be in the safest of hands at all times!

Sardine Run Dives in South Africa

Sardine Run Diving

Experience the astounding annual marine phenomenon that is the Southern African sardine run occurring roughly between June and July each year. Our sardine run scuba diving packages include accommodation, so book your sardine run diving adventure below!

Scuba Diving Lessons in Durban South Africa

Discover Scuba Course

Try your hand at scuba diving in our pool before taking to the ocean. A fun beginner’s course for people 10 years and older.

Diver Scuba Diving on Aliwal Shoal

Open Water Course

The PADI Open Water course is a FULL beginner’s scuba diving course and includes equipment, study material and dives.

Scuba Diving on Aliwal Shoal

Advanced Scuba Course

Enjoy five adventure dives, including a deep dive and an underwater navigation dive, with our PADI Advanced Open Water course.

Kiddies Diver Training at Aqua Wild Africa

Bubble Maker Course

Introduce the youngsters to the exciting world of scuba diving under the careful supervision of PADI instructors at our pool in Gillitts.

Book Your African Scuba Diving Adventure Today

Let Aqua Wild Africa and our team of qualified instructors take you on your next under water scuba diving adventure, an adrenaline-packed experience that will leave you spell-bound and in awe. Click on the link below and take the first step towards your ultimate African scuba diving adventure!

Connect with Aqua Wild Africa

Interested in the wonderful world of scuba diving? Connect with Aqua Wild Africa on our various social media platforms and stay informed regarding diving adventure special and news from the African scuba diving world!

PADI Award for Exceptional Diver Growth

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